Project Objectives

Project S&T Objectives

The SOIMON approach integrates AE and accelerometers, active drivers and electronics to continuously analyse and damp vibrations sourced by the whole drill structure with the ultimate goal of protecting sensor electronics case and its integrity as well as preventing failures of drill components.

This approach will ensure the reliable response of the analytical/ radiometric sensors during drilling with various techniques (e.g. rotary drilling, sonic drilling, percussion drilling, and reverse-circulation drilling), used to recover samples from such a diverse structures such as rock formations requiring coring and from sands. Different geological structures require different drill speed, which also depends on other factors such as wear of the drill bit, flow of water, depth of drilling, and more. 

The overall aim of the SOIMON project is to develop a more advanced in-situ investigation method for identifying and characterising pollution in contaminated soil. This will be achieved by integrating sophisticated sensors (e.g. micro-chips, electrochemical sensors, spectrometry, and optical sensors) into a solid probe intended to drive down through the soil matrix to perform continuous or semi-continuous measurements. 

The proposed project S&T objectives are for integrating high sensitivity analytical/ radiometric sensors for organic compound analysis together with AVC tool and sensors and peripheral electronics for vibration analysis and wear monitoring of drill components.