OIKON Doo Institut Za Primijenjenu Ekologiju

SME partner

Institute for Applied Ecology (research based SME), was founded in 1997 with two main typically opposing businesses a pragmatic market driven consultancy firm and an inquisitive research and development institute, capable of providing solutions to increasingly complex challenges in the areas of health, nature and environment protection and sustainable management of natural resources.

Our service portfolio covers:

  • Environmental Protection: reports, studies, assessments and monitoring.
  • Natural Resource Management: forestry, game management and agriculture, management plans, inventories and assessments.
  • Nature Protection: reports, studies, assessments, research, inventories and monitoring.
  • Landscape Architecture: analysis, planning, design and visualization.
  • IT and GIS: consulting, application development, implementation, support and training.
  • Renewable Energy Resources: reports, studies and resource assessments.
  • Industrial Ecology: reports, studies, assessments, design and supervision.
  • Program and Project Management: overall life-cycle project management and advisory and technical support for internationally funded tenders.
  • Environmental Medicine: research, eco-toxicology and bioindication.
  • Remote Sensing and Telemetry: aerial/satellite, analysis and training.
  • Environmental modelling: geostatistics, spatio-temporal modelling and raster GIS

Website: www.oikon.hr