HGL Dynamics Limited

SME partner


HGL Dynamics is a world-leading supplier of services and high-specification equipment for the integrated capture, monitoring, analysis, storage and management of high-bandwidth data.  HGL systems are used for a range of industrial and engineering applications, particularly turbines and rotating equipment.  The product range is modular in design; and can be used in isolation for solving small problems or integrated together to provide large data management systems. HGL Dynamics is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.

HGL Dynamics has a proven track record in providing solutions and expertise to a wide range of blue-chip and industrial clients in Europe and North America, including:

  • Sales and hire of acquisition, monitoring, storage, and analysis equipment for civil and military engines.
  • Sales and hire of acquisition and analysis systems for installation within an existing corporate network, together with analysis consultancy.
  • Hire of test support personnel, data acquisition and storage equipment for research test programmes requiring real time monitoring of data acquisition.
  • Sales and hire of data logging and analysis equipment for a range of offshore applications for vibration analysis and reporting.
  • Sales of data logging equipment for the development of gas turbine engines in the civil market.

Website: www.hgl-dynamics.com